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Originally Posted by akaFr0sT View Post
i DID play "King of the Road" (Hard Truck 2) and it was the best truck driving game ever. it still is from every POV besides graphics since it's very old. R'n'R will never get even close to what Hard Truck 2 was.
And you decided so, after watching the videos of not final version of the game? they still have 5 months. and why does it look so bad too you? because of the physics? Don't you think it will be ok if the driver was driving normaly? In hard truck 2 if you drive so fast as in R'n'R the truck almost starts to fly on simple curves... well i'm sure that R'n'R physics will be better than HT2 and definately not worse... Just drive like a normal person and you'll love physics.

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