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Executioners just don't fit the mold when, as a demon army, you're short on resurrection.

Also, that sacrifice ability is very effective. You have to be careful with it as it'll make way too many to the point the stack becomes an enemy. Of course, it's best used with summoned units, something the spell "sacrifice" won't do. Also, later on bleeding can be very effective.

Also, to really use Demons well, you must try for no traps on the field at all by avoiding "diversions". You have no control over summoned demons at all and I swear, they seem to be magnetized to the traps and seem to go out of their way to hit one. Same thing with Ziogyns. You can avoid making Ziogyns of your own by simply not having a single undead unit in your army. Then you'll only see them vs undead. Also, If your army is Undead, Ziogyns are your buddy.

Executioners are viable only when you get the dark version of the resurrection spell. Before that, you'll mostly have to eat their losses. Traps are also a problem for them as they simply get in their way.

What I would appreciate is someone designing a Orc army for me. I've been experimenting with the Orc Scouts after obtaining them and they're pretty good, even in a mixed army. Not 'great' but pretty good. I'm sure the Shaman make the cut as well, especially now that you seem to be able to use the axes every single turn, albeit they're weaker in this version.

1. Orc scout
2. Shaman
3. Orc Chieftain
4. Goblin with catapult
5. ?

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