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Originally Posted by Shadowcran View Post
Well, I finally got to really try out the Hyena Riding Orcs. I'm impressed despite their low health. Ideal Orc Army then:

1. Orc Scouts(Wolf Riders)
2. Spirit Talkers(Hyena Riders)
3. Shaman
4. Orc Chieftain
5. Ogre

However, so far, playing the Orc just plain sucks mainly due to Might being 'Rage centric" and the rage abilities aren't that good in total. useful, but not anything to write home about. As to Leadership, I'm not sure, but I think the friggin' Vampire got more per level up. Rage needs:
Vampire gets 10x level each time he levels up (20, 30, 40). Orc gets 15xlevel, demoness gets 20xlevel. It's interesting because in previous games the 'spirit' character gets the 15, and the 'might' character got 20.


1. Something to Shield units
2. Something to heal units(at least heal, not resurrect)

As to the Might abilities:
Needs more defense ups
Needs more Attack Ups
Rage has a shield, and it's got stupid high damage, with percent damage too. I've not played the way through, but if you can crit with Flame of Passion, it'll be stupidly over powered. Rage allows for two different percent damage dealing abilities! Oh yeah, and that halving ability is amaaazing with aoe damage dealers. Doesn't matter if they do reduced damage to secondary targets, the chance to halve is still the same.


Diversions needs a way to play around selecting it. The Traps become nothing more than an annoyance to you more than the enemy. Yeah, the enemy not taking their first turn is useful, but the traps offset that to the point the whole thing stinks.

I'm not enjoying playing the Orc at all. Dependent completely on Rage, it's kind of stupid in the early going when he doesn't have "blackie" for that purpose, isn't it? His starting units suck the biscuit as well. They stink of brittleness.
Starting orc units are the worst by far. On impossible fighting those three armies that attack at the shelter is... quite harrowing.

I don't know why you hate the traps. I love them so much. You can use them to tactically prevent enemies from attacking. And the chance to lose a first turn makes or breaks a fight sometimes. I prioritize it. Even more as the vampire since your traps hit like trucks.
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