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I don't hate the traps, just that it renders summoned demons worthless. I'm serious, I've seen them ignore the perfect target right in front of them, use all their move to go step into a trap. If they allowed us control over them, then traps would be fine.

As it is, I'm still playing the Orc without bothering with Diversions just to see. I'm an experiment fanatic, even with other games and the Traps makes it hard as hell to experiment with demon armies.

So far, it's going well without Diversions and connected abilities.

Yeah, the early battles with the Orc are nightmares. But if you gut them out, ...

Ok, I've advanced a ton with him and sometimes using 3 or 4 rage abilities a turn. I can run virtually anything with the 3 dragons it seems. Hell, I'm running Blood Priestess and a human stack just to fill it up to capacity for something else to do using Back to Nature. If I didn't fear Ziogyn interference(that's all it does unless you run all undead), I'd run the Necromancer to do his attacks so it can halve a lot more. I may use the Wizards next for that purpose as well and up them with Blood Priestesses. Haven't got Archdemons yet or they'd be there too.

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