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Haven't tried Druids..but yeah, I might this time.

Perhaps I will use the Scoffers. They're the stars of the early game.

Yeah, I know about the Call Colossus, but I like using the Blood Priestess as well. *Never use more than 50 of them in a stack or you risk adding too many units. 50 seems to be just right.

As it is, with the 3 dragons, the Archdemons and whatever healer I go with, most battles are over by turn 2 or 3. Especially when you sometimes get 3 or more rage abilities per round. Hell, once I got 7 in a row, the trick being using Orcish Rage in the middle there, then have dragon hit several with flame to boost rage right back up.

As to the discussion about the magic resistant cloak/coat:

In this game, resistance is far more important than defense +. Most damage I've taken in past was from poison/freeze/burning or even shock(this rarely happens though, the shock I mean). Having as much resistance as possible is far superior to defense.

With the Blood Priestess, unlike Sacrifice spell, you can use summoned creatures for it. No real troop loss at all. I usually:
1. Move Archdemons just off the enemy front lines, with 2 open spots for summoning. Cast Call of Nature in one, Demons in the other.
2. Cast Black Hole draw enemy together.
3. Red Dragons use ability on line of enemy.
4. If still there, use other rage abilities, starting with Orcish Rage
5. Use Dragon Riders to summon dragons close to enemy, usually opposite side to Archdemons to block off what ranged is left.
6. Use Blood Priestess on the demons or the Call to Nature creatures to fill up what needs filling. If everything full, I use another type unit in the Priestess' place. With this group, almost anything works except level 1 or 2's.
7. Use Emerald Dragons to use ability to target a lead unit.
8. Use Call of Nature creature on largest stack it can reach.

It's usually a matter of mopping up after that and casting blur for no other reason than spamming it for medal. With dwarves, there is always a lot left over to kill, so I try to get the emeralds in there to restore mana for next battle.

And you can use the Priestess' sacrifice ability on everything but Black Dragons, Ice Dragons and Dragon Riders.

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