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Originally Posted by master.jimmy View Post
I must admit that the game is really more diffult than the others

i'm playing on hard with vampire. NO Loss it's very diffult! i haven't spell! a mage without spell is noob. All the shop of the first island sell the same spall. skull and slow.
Now i found sacrifice. With vampire and old vampire i can resurrect some units, but the game is too difficult.

My leadership at lev 19 is 3040 and all bosses lev 12 have the triple of my units at least.
Something wrong
Like I said, I've a guide on Steam that can help with a lot of this. Just right click on the game on steam, go to community guides and look for the one by me, Shadowcran. But I guess I'll go ahead and sum up the resurrection units/spells/ability

Units that can resurrect:
1. Dark Paladins- You can get them from Portland after it's taken over "by the dark", but sometimes they aren't there. Just had a playthrough where I had zero available, but it's ok. You can also get them in Inselburg after it too becomes 'of the dark..but again, not always.

2. Heresiarch- These are basically the Inquisitors for the dark side. You get them when Portland becomes "of the dark". Also get them from Inselburg. I've yet to have a playthrough(I've done where you can't get them. Don't get the lesser ones which are the priests "of the dark".

3. Demonologist- These can be found in Atrixus every single time at Verdelet's abode. My guide has an easy way to get to them early, but only after you've done Whitehill. You simply go into the catacombs in Portland, go to the Atrixus Portal, enter, then immediately leave as there is a unit beyond your ability to combat there. Then use the Teleportation power for Atrixus and the area where you teleport to is enemy free. Go to the first floating disc from that area and you'll go straight to Verdelet's abode. Make sure you have some gold and at least an empty space(It's better to have 2. That way you can go ahead and buy extras and put them in the shelter's garrison for when you level up instead of having to keep going back to Atrixus)Later, after Inselburg is "of the dark" you can get Verdelet to come back to the shelter.

4. Blood Priestess-Unlike the sacrifice spell, The priestess sacrifice ability can be used on 'summoned' creatures, like the ones you get from Back to Nature spell. You can use this to increase your numbers of other troops. It's also a way to avoid having to buy any after the initial few, except for black dragons, ice dragons, and dragon riders as they're immunity to magic won't allow it.

**Back to Nature should be your first 'must have" spell. It's way more powered in this version. It's often at several locations throughout the game but is always at the Lighthouse in Portland. Only 2,000 gp and you'll use this spell constantly throughout the game.

Spells that resurrect:
1. Resurrection. You have to have Simon, the Mage at the shelter and agree to his quest discussions. Buy 3 resurrection scrolls where ever you can. Give them to Simon and he'll make a "of the dark" version.

2. Turn Back Time. Simon, again. He always has this available to buy. Cost? 50,000 gp. Worth every penny.

Ability that resurrects:
1. This works only for the undead. The black "ziogyns" that appear on the field can resurrect undead units. It's random but it works. Also, those same ziogyns only appear if you or the enemy are using undead units.

One more tipit's in the guide too)

In Inselburg, one of the islands has 4 fields on it. The Green one is the one you want. Unless you're playing "Impossible mode" you'll dig up a chest worth from 100,000 to 200,000 gp. If Impossible, half that.
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