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Originally Posted by master.jimmy View Post
i forgot to say that i have mixing races. I'm playing UD now.
I never had these problemes on hard level with the previous version of the game.....
Perhpas i have to mix with blood dem, i Hate demons.. but untile i have a decent number of medals, my leadership is low.
ziogyns are a false myth. They depend of the number of death units -> so if u kill one dragon, the ziogyn will be useless

Ah dark resurrection? interesting. I suppose i have to wait.
I already answered this same question on the Steam forum if you want to take a look at it. I don't recommend running only undead, but I gave the best advice I could in case you continue with it.

Like I've said, I've a guide on Steam for this game. It's got all my tips and isn't written like it's an insurance form, I write in plain speak. Tips on where to find a huge stash of gold, best units, best single race combinations, How to get more princesses for the Dragon Riders(this is the best creature in the entire series and costs a lot of gold, but worth it), how to GET those dragon riders, etc. I've even added Impossible suggestions.

As to undead, where you're at now, I suggested replacing the archers with the Ghost Pirates, which you can get in Inselburg at the sunken ship(and often a very good undead item is there). I didn't say you could also get those pirates at Sandy Isle in 2 different places. These are good for getting gold and to reach chests fast and also they have evasion. Both skeleton types are too brittle to use.

I also said that later, after you've given X amount of prisoners(around 5k) to the military department, you can get, in the shelter undead area, Bone dragons. They can self resurrect with a new ability for this version, devour. This is where they devour corpses on the field from dead units.

Those resurrection spells can be hard to collect but I'll give you the "usual" places they turn up in game.
1. Aralan
2. Galanerim
3. Baraz-Gund
And sometimes at other areas, but these seem to have them most often.

Turn back time you can get now if you have the gold. 50k. Once you level it up to 2, you're in good shape and at 3, great shape. It can resurrect by simply returning the unit to the previous turn when it hadn't lost any troops.

I'm guessing you're probably fighting dwarves at the moment as they can be very hard with the Vampire. The trick is to "spam summoned units" to take the damage while your troops pick off the weaker ones and avoid the heavy packs of dwarves. They're hard to beat with Vampire as they have a lot of magic resistance. Use Call of Nature, as it's the most powerful spell IN THIS VERSION. It may be considered 'overpowered' now. Focus in battle on getting rid of the following dwarves firstnumbered by priority to kill)
1. Alchemists- Their stat damage is what will be almost impossible for you to overcome. Kill them first, focus on them.
2. Cannoneers- If you put a unit right next to them where they can't get away and fire at you, they're helpless.
3. Giants- Their 'stomp' can often be a bitch.
4. Mechanics-Their shock potion always seems to work and the stat damage is hard to overcome.
5. Drones-just a pain in the ass.
6. The rest. If you get the first 4 out of the way, the rest are not much worry

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