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Well, Zhuangzi, as for the royal thorns, you either use sacrifice, or you don't use the royal thorns at all in battles vs. heroes. It is extremely irritating watching them die from a random hero's Flaming Arrow.

The key to doing no-loss victories is flexibility. The more flexible are your troops, the better your chances of doing so. This is why switching between Royals and Dragons (so that no penalty incurs) will greatly improve your flexibility.

As for the Archmagi, I found them in the early-game in Debir (mage tower, after you take a second stone of gods), the temple in Verona, the Mage tower in Verona and the Mage tower on the Elon continent (but I doubt you'll have that map yet). Keep your eyes peeled for some druids. If you manage to luck out with some, they will greatly add to your troops effectiveness. They are good as both summoners and rage-hoarders (because of their Necromancer-like 9-cell attack).
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