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hey long time no see edal

Originally Posted by edal86 View Post
* If you want a big improvement over the IL-2 1946, which I think is an outstanding simulator with hundreds of players still active, then wait for IL2 "Battle of Britain: Storm of War (it should be coming out this 2010.
It takes a decent pc to run the good stuff. The vs multiplayer for WOP sounded like the same exact thing just more players, which would be even less like real combat. 4-player co-op is a far different thing, it actually is a realistic situation - I guess it's like the tactical # of attempts thing, except each player is in the flight. Maybe when I find a new brain for my pc then WOP will work.

But Storm of War being released in 2010 would make me reconsider. It doesn't matter much if a publisher releases plenty of patches and add-ons if they're just gonna release a whole new title in less than a year. I hate the way they make their stuff obsolete on purpose just to make more money.

Motor Storm on ps3 was like that. They could have kept adding courses and vehicles, instead they remade the whole thing and then remade it again, and made it for psp too.
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