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Originally Posted by Hans-Ulrich Rudel View Post
Oh my god, I would absolutely LOVE a German campaign mode in this game. Sure hope it comes to the PS3 soon.
I agree my friend. A German Mode campaing will go absolutely great. Plust I would like to see some new bombers in action: Ju 88 Ju360 Just like in an old, fearly old version of WW II aircraft video games for computers: I saying "Secret Weapons Over Normandy" a great game but berry realistic compare to IL 2. Though it jad more planes: Ju88, Zeke, F4F wildcat, Torpedo bombers Kate, Dountless, Japanese Val, some rare German planes, an array of weapons: bombs [smart], rockets [ U can guide them], Wasserfalls, V1s, V2. Plus U won upgrades through the campaing and decided which plane u wanted to upgrade: Engine, airframe, fire power, ammo. Though You can only played in campaing mode as James C Chase from the Battlehawks against Kriger's pilots from Nemesis Squadron.
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