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Originally Posted by Flying Pencil View Post
To continue Vevster's post, another quote:

The root cause of PSE is regular flashing in certain frequencies and intensity. Granted I do not have extensive knowledges on PSE, but everything I read so far points to rather specific triggers.
Otherwise every game made would cause mass PSE attacks.

It is a difficult position to get the game out and have to make a performance degrading patch, but some things cannot be helped.
BUT I hope once CoD is released 1C can do a more detailed analysis and change the effects instead of applying crude patch.
Machine guns firing tracers
Propeller when turned into the sun
rolling scissors on a bright clear day
The effects of night bombing at low level
Fuel dumps going up

WWII flight sims are about things exploding at 400 mph. At certain geometries you can have things whip past so fast that they're only in view for one frame. This is a known problem with flight sims, but because the flightsim market is so small, and the epileptic population is so small, they rarely interact.
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