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Question undead and human or beast

i was playing paladin and did have great attack and defense but i did have human army. Now i have 9 in attack and 15 defense and 9 intligent and when i kill a eneamy that was stong or sligty strong its not soo hard becase some of them get resurection. and i have vampire and cured ghost and demon decaying zombie skeleton that can fire a bow and demon. its strange that when i did use only human army some of them was weak and some of them was not cheap too buy but the undead is hard to beat i see and its strange that i can beat a eneamy that is strong og sligty strong.

i did beat a hero that did have 10 attack and 6 defense magic i dont rember and he was strong og more.

there you kill kraken you have a hero enamy that have lots og magic he use all the time mirror troop he was easy to beat but i did lose some undead. how come that undead is stronger then human. or is it that beast crusture is strong and human is weak?
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