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The undead that you see bringing back other undead (or even making undead out of formerly living creatures) are the Level4 Necromancers; these are some of the nicest undead creatures for you to have available, and they typically show up in a shop on one of the floating islands in Demonis. (They have a high initiative so you can act [Rage spirits and cast spells] early, a bunch of nice action talents, and an area attack.)

Fighting against them, on the other hand, is a gigantic pain. (Because they have a high initiative so they tend to go before you, several talents that are annoying to face, and an area attack to be able to hit several of your troops.)

Be cautious when facing an army that has TWO stacks of Necromancers, because if you kill one stack the other one will just bring it back. Try to have BOTH stacks killed at the end of a turn, so they cannot do this trick.


Your message was difficult to understand in parts, but I think part of the problem you are running into is that you can use the Order spell, Resurrection, on your human troops... but NOT on your undead & demon troops. The only ways to boost these stacks back up to their starting numbers are to Sacrifice something else (which you would then need to Resurrect), or else through Time Back (turn the stack back to the point where it had taken no casualties).

Note that if you have Anga's Ruby (from the quest for an Indulgence) you can recruit Demonesses; they will have an initiative of about 9 (so you will always act first, even when facing Black Dragons who give you -1 initiative), and can Charm living male troops over to your side for a couple of turns for you to Sacrifice. This lets you turn enemy troops into more of your own creatures, without having to cast an additional spell (such as Hypnosis) to do it.
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