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Streaming engines are always difficult to handle. Most effective changes in arma 2 e.g. Which is also streaming engine is to use a faster hdd. I went from 7200 rpm to veloci raptors with 10.000 rpm and in raid config. Afterwards I bought a samsung 830 ssd, which was one of the best in all day usage. Although I still only have sata 300 and cannot use its whole speed, it was a good step, which I do not want to miss anymore. All steps used to reduce performance problems with arma 2.

Now in clod, you have the additional high texture load, more details and even higher viewing range than arma has. Also the fact , that sims generally are also cpu consuming, it gives you even more probs.

My first steps: Bought (also for future purposes) a 3 gb graphics card with good performance and a high vram interface -> so the only chance was a ati card! Additionally I overclocked my old i7 920, which is still fast enough for most actions, up to 4ghz. Raw Ghz power do the trick in many games. They are not quad optimized perfectly, so some additional performance increases of new cpus are not that much. Tje only thing, that makes a newer intel cpu cool to have is the overclocking. Raw power can be encreased even more with them. 4.4 air cooled is quite nice to have.In clod, this means: raw power increase of a quad up to 4.4 e.g. prevents to run directly into an additiinal cpu bottleneck.

I personally have my bottleneck still on my cpu at 4 ghz. But on my resolution, performance is okay on high details.

Sli and xfire do not double vram, which is the most annoying problem with it, especially drivin games on triple monitors on high res. No matter how much fps the cards in sli are creating, you always have the problem of vram. Those with 2 x 3 gb cards are closest to solve that problem. So my 7970 performs good on high res and xfire ( with a profile ) should perform best for triple monitors. Doing an sli with slower 680's with a small vram interface and with only 1.5 gb is the worst you can do. And those guys will underperform in every game, who needs or uses much vram.

A casual game programmed for multiplatform is out of scope here. Any graphics card can play bf3. Just the small eyecandy is using graphics power. But it is optimized to run also on a ps3 with 512 mb vram. Please never use such games to validate your graphics card. Use high scaling games, mostly pc games, and games with high detail textures, e.g. Skyrim WITH HIGH TEXTURE MOD or crysis, which can use much vram. Crysis 1 with texture mods on ultra could use up to 4gb vram, if the card has it. Sometimes more.

Just some words to explain again, what is important, what is not and how games of today behave. Much eye washing and not much development on core graphics, except increasing details/polygons and implementation of tesselation. Graphics evolution is not so fast anymore. They are concentrating to feed the majority and there is no need for revolutions for all of them.
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