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Originally Posted by H Lecter View Post
Time for some score comparison

Red skies of Dover: 1480 points

Tiger hunt: 78 points

(Both on simulation difficulty)

Tiger hunt proved extremely frustrating for me. Though I saw claims that ammo is unlimited on all modes my rockets are not reloading in realistic and sim difficulty. Due to my bad aiming (lets call it guessing, you hardly see the targets) I had to eject several times in order to have fresh supplies.

Actually I love ground missions in sim games more than air2air, but the Dover mission really got me hooked - I played it approximately 30 times this weekend. My greatest moment must have been damaging two bombers' engines and having them drift towards each other, resulting in a nice violent explosion when they collided

What's your score and what was your favourite moment when playing the demo? Time to frustrate me
I'm about to jump back in the cockpit on Simulation mode and see what I've got. I go with 0 retrys though. No joke the artillery pieces are hard to see! That is frustrating, and probably realistic. When I do find them, I put the mustang into the dive, give him some rockets, then the real battle begins-trying to get that mustang out of the dive without plowing into terra firma while 109's pepper me from above. Is this game great or what? Did you go back to the dover mission on Sim mode?
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