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The game seems more 'truck racing' oriented than a 'trucking simulator'.

For the more realism hungry people like myself, have a "career mode" and a separate mode for the crowd wanting more of a race or arcade oriented mode.

For at least the career mode, I would like to see:

-Having to stop at a weigh station or get pulled over by a cop and fined (I see there is a weigh station but nothing happens when i drive by).
-Being pulled over by a cop when truck has "excessive" damage. D.O.T. in the US is very strict. A bit of that realism would be nice.
-Warehouse realism: I understand the need for when picking up a load why its brought to you magically by a crain or whatever but, when delivering a load how about having to back it up to a dock and unhitching? Something along the lines of that.
-Like someone has suggested i see, some road curve signs
-Some sort of speed limit. For playability only get pulled over by a cop when going over 70 or 80mph? or 20mph over limit? Something like that.
-Vehicles yield when using turn signals? Otherwise whats the point of having them?
-Periodical mandatory hotel stay time? Truckers gotta take a break and sleep, its the law.
- WHERE IS THE CB? 18 wheels of steel had a cb with truckers talking on it.

I think most of these would be appreciated by us truckers or trucking enthusiasts.

Oh yeah and, need a much much much more improved GPS. Intergrate with with the map with the ability to zoom in and out and more detail of where you are and going when zoomed in.

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