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Originally Posted by Dusty88 View Post
I don't know if this will help but....
The server is set to:CRT=0
In the "logs.lst" file is says you got kicked for:
"Cheater was detected! Reason=4: 'Radar' "
I have never seen that before, and CRT is off. Maybe Sita can tell you what that means?
Also, just for fun if you want to try it again, I will change these settings to 0 too.
I will set those to = zero. It is odd that CRT seems to be working, even when it is turned off..
The IP is :
I just tried again to join. The same error message as before.
It's funny that server "blacklists" me for... using some "radar"? Wow, now I just need to find that magic button to enable my iron man suit.
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