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Originally Posted by Dusty88 View Post
I saw that someone was in it and got kicked, it said:
"Cheater was detected! Reason=3: 'Radar'
When dimlee tried it, he got:
"Cheater was detected! Reason=4: 'Radar'
There have been 6 people & me that got in with CRT=2 on and had no problem ..
I'm not sure what we did or didn't do that makes it work...

And how AleX server gets listed on HL I would love to know how. I can't list my 414.1 server on HL, the game search will ONLY take il2fb.exe. If I try to change the name of il2server.exe it il2fb.exe the server will not start. I guess that is one way to kill off HL if that was the idea...
I have given up on 414.1 until that gets fixed... I only put that server up for dimlee to test in.
Dusty, thanks for your efforts.
I have to give up as well. 4.13.4 downloaded from GOG and upgraded to 4.14.1... Same "time out" error on several 4.14.1 servers, Fun 4 All included.
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