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I think the 2 dragons will be a really good addition. Using them will boost your battle alchemy medal. You should also be careful, since only the inquisitors can resurrect them (paladins ress only 1-4 level units).

Royal thorns spawned on 4 out of 7 playthroughs in the barbarian chieftain ship (the one who gives you the quest for his wife) on Bolo island. Still, you may not have been so lucky. As for the monetary problems, they will be a pain throughout the early game, at least until level 25 or so.

As for the fun, KBAP provides plenty of it. You will also notice that with all the rebalancing done, it is much easier to grasp and play without utilizing numerous exploits, as it was in KBTL.

Another thing you can do is to get the treasure searcher ability to 3 chests/2 altars or 3 chests/1 altar if possible (dunno if it was). Generally, there are 4-5 useful dragon skills, which as a warrior you should improve to the max in my opinion - Treasure Searcher (money FTW), Ball of Lightning (Acts as Reaper's soul drain ability, killing % of the stack), Mana accelerator (25 rage for 25 mana, great for phantoms), and battle rage (hits all units in an area with ASTRAL damage). Crushing blow and diving dragon are useful in the mid-game, but by the late game they go obsolete, as you will do little damage with those abilities. Lava flow and Mystic Egg are nice, but lava flow is fire damage and Mystic Egg takes a turn to hatch - and usually the AI targets it first.

EDIT: Oh, BTW, sell any wanderers' scroll you don't need in the early game. They will provide a nice amount of cash. If you were digging with the dragon regularly, you should have 3-4 from fights and a few from maps. Also hold on to the "Call Collosus" wanderers' scroll. You never know when you may need the extra level 5 unit's firepower


Well, you missed 2 fights (they also count to no-loss victories), a few gold coins, one random lvl 1 item, a training sword (+1 atk) and a buckler (+1 def). Generally, it's not much, but if you luck out with a +100 leadership belt, it is a nice boost in the early levels.

EDIT: On a side note - let's not forget that not only the trading skill is gone, but in KBTL the gold income on impossible was 60%. In KBAP it's 50%, which makes the things even more difficult. Now, play a mage and slap an Usurer's Ring on (+5 intellect - great!!! -30% gold income - EEEK!!) and see where will you go

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