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I think it's all about strategy based on composition, e.g. if there are Assassins and Archers then the first spell you cast should be Phantom on your Royal Griffins. Then move them up to block the archers. All other units should wait until the Assassins have used their sneak attack on the phantoms before moving (Royal thorns can work too, just be careful the direction you place them!). Using the Royal Griffin's Heavenly Guards is dangerous because they pivot and expose themselves to a sneak attack in the process! If there are several ranged enemy units, cast Target on your Paladins/tank and wait until round 2 before moving your units.

Elwin, don't give up on your Mage yet! You just need to find the strategy that's going to work for you with AP. It's a new game and while some of the old TL stuff works, you'll still need to change tactics and think outside the box a little more. Your Bro may be whipping you at the moment, but tactically you will become a better player than him so when you do try Warrior you're going to kick his ass!

EDIT: I see DG types much faster than i do.
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