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Well, my 2 cents:

1. I am the person that built the Nitra city for Slovakia map.

2. There are 3 main FPS killer areas on Slovakia map: Nitra, Zilina and Piestany towns.

3. There might be several reasons for a lower performance, but I am sure the following has an impact on it as well:

a.) The density of objects in your view (as you have noticed yourself). Nitra town is a very dense one and it has a high impact on the FPS just because of the number of objects.

b.) Variety of objects. The more different objects you have in your view, the more FPS drop you will experience. In other words, 1 type of a house placed 1000 times on a map (= 1000 objects in total) would have a less impact than 20 different types each placed 50 times (= also 1000 objects in total). In fact, the Slovakia map required from Maddox Games to increase the game engine buffer used for loading the objects in the memory.

c.) Quality of the objects = polygoncount (how detailed the 3D model is) and texture size. It is often regarded as unimportant because we have more powerful CPU/GPUs but keep in mind the engine stays the same as it was 5 years ago. It has its limits. As for your specific example, Slovakia generic objects are very efficient on polygoncount and texture size (many of them under 30-40 polys with texture 256x256) = no increased impact on performance compared to any other default map. Only the unique objects (e.g. Nitra castle) is more detailed.

d.) LOD drawing distance. Another important thing that influences the performance and which has been tested 3x times by me on Slovakia map until I could accept it. Slovakia objects have an increased drawing distance and a smooth LOD transition distance to avoid a pop up effect. In order to keep the map playable I have adjusted the drawing distance many times for each object category in order not to kill the performance. I could not use the maximum value because the map would become a slide show even over small towns. Another engine limit I believe.

e.) Last but not least, but this is only my feeling. Once you exceed a certain (to me unknown) quanity of objects you place on one location (within your view) you will just make the engine to loose its performance no matter how powerful your computer is. Nitra might be one of such examples.

I hope such explanation helps. So it is not your computer that is really not performing well, it is that we have pushed the IL-2 engine to its maximum limits with the Slovakia map.

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