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The game is not so hard as it looks like. But when you start this game its best just to have some fun, and learn how the game works.

95% of all battles are won by using the rights spells and troops.
So best advice is replay some battles in the beginning and try different troops and spells.

Most players play a mage with 1 tank unit and a bunch of support units.
Spells as Fear , Slow, Stone Skin, Magic Springs are great.
Also summon Phoenix is great spell till lvl 30, But you need the lvl 2 or 3 version.

Download the appendix to give you some help.
This is for Armored Princess , but works also for Crossroads.

Also take a look at the following tread to learn more:

This one if for the first game but most of the info still applies to al the games

This should help you on the way.
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