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Originally Posted by Kwiatek View Post
I fly in HL as 303_Kwiatek and nick Kwiatos i use only in some forums.
I flew a lot P-47 before 4.XX patch when it had good firepower and accurate roll rate at high speed - it was real Fw190 and Bf109 killer these times. As i remember 1 pass 1 enemy shot down. Now i dont fly it too much. Im nervous with its curenlty moddeled roll rate and 0,50 cal effectivness. Now im rather taking P-51 with much more chance to hit target then in P47. Many players can hear you engine and break off before you have chance to shot so in P-51 you have more chance to aim target then with poor manouverbility P-47 even if it has 2 guns more. Before 4.XX Fw190 and 109 pilots have hard days but now they could just laught when P-51 or P-47 try to shot them.
Yes.. above all when your screen turns black or a single burst cut your controls.. if you are lucky you'll lose only 100Km/h of top speed... but all depends on pilot's accuracy.

Anyway everybody have the sound engine problem and 190 and late 109 aren't good to "have more chance to aim target" more than a P51.

A whole generation of pilots learned to treasure the Spitfire for its delightful response to aerobatic manoeuvres and its handiness as a dogfighter. Iit is odd that they had continued to esteem these qualities over those of other fighters in spite of the fact that they were of only secondary importance tactically.Thus it is doubly ironic that the Spitfire’s reputation would habitually be established by reference to archaic, non-tactical criteria.
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