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Fidle with this matter in FMB ("Final" version).

Objects available:

Generic Long Range Mast Antenna (?)
Radio NDB Beacon Antenna (non directional beacon)
SBA Hat Antenna - (Standard Beam Approach) for blinding landing
Outer Marker - for blinding landing
Inner Marker - for blinding landing

SBA HAT antenna need IA object Anti.Air with Power.ON script and a associated power generator to work (target Anti.Air with generator "set" button).

EDIT - Update: Generic Long Range Mast Antenna, Radio NDB Beacon Antenna, Inner/Outer Marker antenna (passive devices that respond to aircraft signal?) work without SBA Hat Antenna presence, and all d'ont need power - AI+Genetaror .

Antenna frequency for default are 300 MHZ (adjustable from 200 up to 600)
Outer/Inner Marker default at 380 MHZ

Frequency selectable on planes.
Primary Navigation Frequency = NDB
Secondary Navigation Frequency = Blinding Landing
Radio Transceiver Frequency = ???

Planes able to pick antenna signal:

Br.20 - Instrument with vertical needle in upper/left side of instrument panel.
Ju-88 - P-S needle in Magnetic Compass and AFN-1 instrument *
He-111 - P-S needle in Magnetic Compass and AFN-1 instrument *
Ju-87 - AFN-2 instrument * - Autopilot Course (No Mode 22) - Able to select Secondary Nav. Frequency (Blinding Landing)
Bf-110C4/7 - AFN-2 instrument * - Autopilot Course (No Mode 22) - Not able to select frequency - detect SBA signal if transmit at 300 MHZ.

*AFN-1/2 instrument seems bugged to track NDB signal in homing mode.
Horizontal needle detect signal intensity as expected, but vertical needle
swing crazy left/right. EDIT -See bellow.

The major drawback of AFN-1/2 in blinding landing mode is that SBA signal is only detected between Outer and Inner Marker, around 2 Km of runway, this and lack of audible Morse code make this almost useless... EDIT -See bellow.

Is possibly that this AFN-1/2 properly work with third autopilot mode (R22)...??? EDIT -See bellow.

I am not used to CloD autopilot.

Test, with SBA, Outer and Inner antennas placed per IL-2 1946 4.10 readme, due lack of information on how should by in CloD:

Distances for placement measured in FMB with Airport runway object (adjustable from 300 to 10.000 meters - at least).

SBA Hat signal is only detected around by AFN-1/2 ~2 KM from the beginning of the runway. EDIT -See bellow.

Notice - In above picture the SBA HAT signal are not detect at 3KM because the plane is bellow 300 meters of altitude.

SBA Hat tuned at 300 MHZ - to allow test with Bf-110 too since in this aircraft is not possible change frequency.

Outer Marker is only detected if overflown at around 300 mts (~1000 foot) of altitude (350 dont work).
Inner Marker is only detected if overflown at around 200 mts (~660 foot) of altitude (250 dont work).

Outer/Iner Marker indicator lamp apparently dont work in Br.20M (Navigator cockpit, Impeller activated)...
Picture from "Storm of War" development.

Curiosity: Br.20M is only plane that are possible select "Radio Transceiver Frequency" and in navigator cockpit has one instrument associated with this frequency is labeled "Push to Talk"...
What will they planned whit it?

Another thing is that autopilot seems work in Br.20 - at least they make plane start roll..., but no messages are show indicating adjustments/engage.

Probable the culprit for this is:


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