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Exclamation What would happen to men of war multiplayer without gamespy?

As some of us may know by now that GameSpy is shutting down on May 31.

So the question is what would happen to pass installment of the men of war series when it come to multiplayers sach as the original retail version of men of war as well as the steam version for others.

Not to mention the following series that might be affected due to gamespy shutdown.

Soldiers heroes of world war II
Faces of war
Men of war original
Men of war assault squad original
Men of war vietnam
Men of war condemned Heroes

A answer from a published or developer is needed for the retail and steam version as well as others version of the game.

I myself i'm concerned for the original retail version of men of war as my copy is not a steam version.

Note. This is posted at 1c and dms forum as there might be a different answers due to the fact of game developer from bestway to in house 1c development of the game as well as dms.

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