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I have been a very long and loyal fan of the men of war series from the time of soldier heroes of world war 2 but after so many set back of many expansion pack and my dislike of DMS management and poor conduct to long time fan of the series.

i am deeply saddened to see the end of multiplayer and because of that i would have no reason to continue making videos or mods for my beloved series.

it also very unlikely that i would move on to assault squad 2 as is just like with it predecessor the original assault squad have very bad performance online and just like it predecessor it have a copy and paste single player that cannot be call a real campaign from past installment of the series.

so to conclude.

after the gamespy shutdown and the multiplayer feature is no longer available i would be forced to retire from the series all together as i have no longer a reason to come back for it.

as it was the multiplayer feature that push me to make my men of war movie short and mods.

Men Of War
You will be miss


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