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Now that they have the majority of income from sales there is no need to bother creating a proper multiplayer system for their games.

All companies that dump their game onto Gamespy do it so they don't have to spend any more time updating the game and prevent themselves from having to do any work afterwards. Take a look at all C & C games made by EA. Gamespy garbage with 12 year old bugs.

Only franchises that built up a large fanbase that stayed due to good developers that bother to update their game over time will have an update to a new system.

Relic moved Company of Heroes over to Steam because they cared about it, shame about the digrace of a "sequel".

Binding a CD key to one gamespy account was a redundent system and inherently broken, you can only buy one copy for use on steam, lose access to that account and lose access to your game forever, so pathetic.

Glaring issues all across this series prevented it from becoming something great, it's just a paycheck to them.
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