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I have learned the hard way to save as often as I can, cause it cost me few good campaigns..

I was wondering, is this how the Mothership is supposed to look ( just so that I know I have installed it right, my Video settings are little lower so it does not look great as it should be )?

And, when I dock a Trading Station, this is what I get when I want to check/change Mothership`s systems/weapons ( I get an empty space/window):

This is the image (in a Trade station) of a Shield booster for Mothership:

__________________________________________________ ___________________

There was a message about a successful switch of ships in Gredos system when I got a mission to transfer goods to Copernicus station in a new ship.

And, now I`ve got a problem with the last part to return the ship back to the station ( after delivering goods to Copernicus station). Whenever I come near the station and those attackers appear, my mothership gets destroyed.

This is the log file:
Any way to bypass destruction of my mothership?

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