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Default CLOD vs 1946

Interesting comment Chivas re separate SSD for CLOD. Might give that a go in the future.

The online squad I am associated with (the RAAF Squad) has about 25% CLoD enthusiasts and 75% we'll stick with 1946 (for all the usual reasons argued on the forum). We still have "all in" 1946 evenings so we can fly together, although it (1946) does have a "cartoon" feel after CLoD (yeah, yeah I know - stability, CTD, comms, etc). (btw my gunnery in 1946 has improved after flying CLoD, much more challenging in CLoD I would suggest).

The introduction of a new title can be a watershed moment for some players - take the opportunity to try something else, wait till they upgrade hardware, patch up the relationship with the bride, etc. But to say that CLoD was the singular cause for an outfit to fall apart is a bit short sighted I would suggest.

While I enjoy CLoD and prefer to play it I do understand the 1946ers argument for "squad" activity. Hopefully, the next patch will go some way to addressing some of the concerns. One may need the patience of Job but I am optimistic about the future of the series. I note that even Team D is having patch problems, such is life in software development. (Looks like some nice development work on the AI - nice work Team D).

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