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Well for one a company like 1C just can't afford the PR that EA or IW can. Not to mention the $$ that IW and EA give to game review sites like gametrailers and so on for the commercials on those sites and everything. Can you imagine what will happend if a site like gametrailers gave a negative review on MW2? Yeah, you can beat the single player in 3+ hours and it's nothing new, yeah the multiplayer is basically the same too, yeah the game features a bullshit match making system and so on but they can't possibly gave a bad review or IW will have their balls. Also games like MW, MW2, COD WAW and so on relay heavily on mutiplayer, something that NecroVision isn't good at. Anyway, after all these days most pplz care more about the multiplayer, I have no problem with that I play a shit load of games online too - RA3, C&C3, DotA, HoN, COD4, COD WAW, Half-Life, CS:S and so on, but I always will have time for all the single-player gems that come out and NecroVision is one of them and I hope the prequel will be just as good as the original game. Can't w8 to come out.
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