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There are easy medals and medals which are hard to get. The last I get is always trapper, or the rage used, but I'm not tempted beyond going level 2 with that (summons are stupid enough to go into trap sometimes, even if the see that trap). I'm trying to get level I medals ASAP, but level 2 is more situational, and level 3 often just come in the way. The only medals I'm really intentionally trying to get and max are: for no-loss (but I always try to have no loss, so that's not hard), for extra resistance (but using these spell is just helping anyway) and for extra mana for a mage (as with resistance). Yes, I feel compelled to get these three medals, and it would be more bothersome if fighting wasn't so much fun! During first two plays I got them all (except rage 3, which was impossible for a mage). Later - as I said, I skip some.
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