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Originally Posted by john_crapper View Post
Then you are not playing the same game as I am or you do not play beyond normal difficulty. "if" the game requires tanking units? "If" I need traps?. You always need sturdy units on which to place "Target" to adsorb heavy punishment for your rangers, and the traps are not there to damage, they are there to halt an opponent's turn. Do you think a 50 000+ Hp Stack cares if they get hit with e 500 damage trap? But said stack is forced to e premature end of its turn that way.

Just now, a stack of archdemons would've obliterated my archmages, because they always get to act first, but they landed on a trap and found themselves surrounded without being able to take an action
The trap medal is pretty useless. You don't really need to get all the medals by any stretch of the imagination. The only one I often regret not grinding out early on is Guardian angel, since it isn't that hard for to do it.
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