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Default Very Nice Game - Why So Quiet?

I just bought this game on Steam and am really enjoying it. I'm frankly surprised there's been so little buzz about it. I usually hate RTS games, but this game has sucked me in somehow. It looks great and has considerable depth, but it moves slow enough (and is pausable) so it doesn't feel at all like a clickfest. Actually plays a lot like a turn-based game.

My only real complaint at this point is that about 80% of the game features really aren't documented anywhere. The manual is thin and the tutorial only covers the basics. I've spent the last couple of evenings just messing around in free play, figuring out how things work. There's really quite a bit going on under the hood, but you have to dig (and be patient) to find it.

This site really needs a FAQ or How To guide. While the game has decent tooltips for most things, there is much that is left to guess work. For example, what do all the various attributes (Annexation, etc.) really do?

This game reminds me a lot of Imperial Glory. Not so much in how it plays, but rather that it looks like a highly polished, very well-conceived and executed game that no one seems to want to claim responsibility for. I wish someone would step up here and say, "I did this. It's my game, and I'm proud of it and want to support it." Here's hoping.
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