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There is no free-roam in the game, but there will be Editor, so I think you could make free-roam tracks for exploring.
Hi, I'm new to the forum. I followed the videos of your game on youtube quite a lot. And it looks wonderful! Especially you can drive a Suzuki Samurai. I have 2 Samurais at home. But one thing I always search in a game is free roam. Games like Pure (ATV) etc look great and are great! BUT Pure doesn't have a free roam area where you can drive where ever you want and do whatever you want. I downloaded, I didn't buy it. Just because of the free roam. I buy games like GTA IV and Episodes because of the free roam, same with Mafia 2. Just because I can go where ever I want When ever I want. I bought Motormax too, a good game but it was too easy. Sorry to tell you but when this game of yours that has a huge potential to turn out great with a free roam, great is a bad word, I mean spectacular! And it would not have a free roam area, I would just download it because it would not have enough worth in my eyes. And that's my opinion. Europe and the USA are a great market but you'll probably have to put in free roam if you want to reach these 2 big markets too besides the far east. But besides that, the game looks awesome!
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