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Are you kidding?.

Why the single player experience has to be affected by a cooperative gameplay?. If this is party based, every party member could be taken by a human player, like Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter...

Always the same answer when someone ask for cooperative. Is there not any other answer?. Did you know that p&p rpg was created for cooperative gameplay?. Do you prefer AI controlled team members than human?. Don't you have friends?. So, play single player, but leave the people who wants to play cooperative alone. Cooperative is not mandatory, you can choose. You can chose to play BG in single player, if you want. And I can choose cooperative mode. Would BG be better without cooperative?. This has not sense.

But... how many RPG games in the last 20 years had multiplayer coop?. Could you tell me 10?. So, why did you say "It seems like every game nowadays has to have coop". How many RPG's?.

I can't understand some people
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