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I was planning on doing something like this. My original plan was to use a wired controller due to the price and because I didn't want to worry about battery placement. After a little thought I decided against using a standard controller and here's why.

The right stick on the controller is used for rudder and throttle as well as for free looking. I'm unsure is rewiring a controller would allow for throttle/rudder control while free look is being used. Were you able to overcome this obstacle using a regular controller?

My solution is going to be to rewire the Saitek Aviatar joystick since it come with the ability to control the throttle/rudder separate from the free look out of the box. It will also be cheaper in the long run since Amazon is selling the Aviator for about $35 right now.

I plan to wire the aviator into an X45, I was thinking of an X52 at first but am unsure if the X52's magnets would cause problems or not.
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