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Originally Posted by PurplePenguin04 View Post

The right stick on the controller is used for rudder and throttle as well as for free looking. I'm unsure is rewiring a controller would allow for throttle/rudder control while free look is being used. Were you able to overcome this obstacle using a regular controller?
I have just rewired the button-press of the right stick to a button on my Thrustmaster throttle. At the moment I press the button on the throttle and use my toes on the "pedals" to view around horizontally. (the throttle position controls the vertical viewing angle in this mode, but that is not very practical)

Up to now I have been playing in arcade, and can use the target view instead of panning manually. I think I will try to rewire the whole paning to the hat-switch of the stick, if possible.

Another issue to solve is wingman commands which are not yet wired. I think I have to add some extra switches
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