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Originally Posted by Vulture View Post
And btw am I getting it right ? You're saying enemy heroes do pay different amounts of mana depending on which spell rank they have to use for the respective target unit ? :<
Actually, its in the spell description. For example for Sheep, you only need the level 1 version at 30 mana to cast it on level 1-2 units; consequently, you need level 2 at 35 mana to cast it on level 3 units, level 3 at 40 mana to cast it on level 4 units.

Enemy heroes follow the same spell rules, so they need more mana using Sheep on your level 4 units as opposed to casting it on your level 1-2 units.

But I understand how you may not see this immediately, I myself didn't realize this at once since I don't use debilitating spells except for Slow, and that's not tied up to unit level.

Regarding positioning units, if you have Tactics, place your units to the corners and spread them. I know this is a bit counter-intuitive in protecting your archers, but this is the best way to avoid being lined up for damage by blacks and reds. Your mileage may vary though, since you have more archers.

The main advantage of archers is they get to damage the enemy before the enemy ever reaches them, so their life is not a factor in such situations. But this advantage is lost in this battle. The problem with archer units is not so much their damage but their life. This is compounded even more for this battle since those dragon units would reach you in turn 1...

Don't dismiss demon units quite easily as the main damage dealing enemies here are fire-based. As pointed out by the others, you should take into consideration damage as well as defense, and the life expectancy of the units involved.

You might be missing out this fact as well, but sprites/lake fairies/dryads are all magic-based in damage, of which black dragons are 95% resistant to. I'm glad you swapped Demons for the Dryads, and EGDs (the only dragon unit that does physical damage) for Hunters. Keeping your skellies is ok I guess, I myself survived with inquisitors. But don't expect miracles from them damage-wise since the enemies would most likely zone in on them and reduce their numbers greatly and force them to use their weaker melee attack (the AI is designed to maximize it's damage, and archers are usually the targets since they have the least amount of defense and take the most amount of damage as a result).

Do update us how your battle goes.

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