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Originally Posted by Ubaku View Post

Above is how long we have to wait until RnR finally comes out. In Novosibirsk Russia time, appropriately.

Lets discuss what we are going to do until the game comes out in this thread. What type of upgrades we are planning to get for our computer, what we will do the first instant we can hold the disc in our hands, and so on.
Ok I will be the first one. Well my pc is not good it's 7~8 years old: Intel celeron 2.0 ghz 768Ram, Geforce 6200 256Mb, R'n'R should still run, but if it lags I will play it on my sisters Laptop: Intel dual core 1.66 ghz, 1gb Ram and Radeon VGA with 512Mb.

When it have my copy of game installed I will obviously turn on the game.

Wach intro videos (I alway do that )

In main menu I will choose "Instant Order" and check out trucks with their specifications, then see how cities look look like.

After that I will go to options to see controls, I have noticed in videos that there are a lot of active keys

Later I will start Carier/Single player Mode and probably choose hardest difficulty level. And see all intro videos with excitement.

I think the first truck I will be able to buy will be International 9800, or maybe I could afford better.

So, when I will have my truck I will go to warehouse to load. I think I will take load without racing, because I would loose my way and the nearest intersection since I wouldn't know where to go, and probably finnished last

After first jorney I might choose load with racing,to see how competitor AI works.
I'll try to obey traffic laws, well I will only be speeding until cops sees me. If they pulls me over I will stop. I'll try to be a good driver, not tu crash in everyone so that everything such as cop chase would be exciting and interesting during my play, when I finally do something worng.

When I have enough money I will buy truck from those: Mack vision, peterbilt, Kenworth T200, T600. Or International. I will buy same trucks to all my employees so I could rezognize them on road. I used to buy orange DAFs to my employees in Hard truck 2

I think thats all for now What are you going to do Ubaku?
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