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I think that the only solution is total modifiability!! If Softlab not stupid, so give opportunity to complete modifiability. I will say one thing. The game has a basis. Building stone potential, but that's all. I do not think they would be able hardcore real simulator. Failed to correct physics for 10 years! It is hard we can be ready in patches .... I just laugh the developer, what prewiev video talking about physics. The man probably did not complete even primary school to talk rubbish like to shit. Sound is chaos and a headache. How to flush the toilet. Missing walkers / parked vehicles / traffic lights / life / mist / mud / thunder lightning / wind / optimization / support for all gaming devices / TrackIR / strange view from the cockpit is not set manual zoom + not position seats / multyplayer and etc etc etc ... . Base is there. Game world is interesting, but the roads very much roadblocks. Only modifiability as well as stupid game by SCS. But thanks to the modifiability these silly games live. Impossible to modifiability and if not addressed optimization, patches and any bugs, this game will flop ......

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