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Default 414 wish list

just some of my random thoughts

early model beaufighter with rockets and torpedo/bomb options, RAF not RAAF version for early desert and later coastal command action

Rockets for the FM-2, and late 1944 versions of mustang and thunderbolts, and revised bomb loads as needed for SBD TBF etc.

RS 132 rockets for the I-16 and RS 82 repainted to black or olive colors. U2 flares added back in to allow older missions to remain compatable.

Flyable swordfish with some type of depth charge simulation

Hurricane with 40mm guns and tropical filters on hurricanes on desert maps

maps of any kind, or a drop in map pack similar to CUP/BAT method that has the static objects needed in a handy format.

Flyable Su-2 and Tu-2

Flyable bf109/mistle combination

Up to date cockpit guide with R-5 and CCC and U-2 pits explained, still dont know how to use U-2 bomb sight, not much on it on the web.

Keep existing load outs to ensure backwards compatability, add to, but dont take away.

Ship pack 2 imported into game

Ground objects for airfields, bomb trolleys, british trucks of any kind etc

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