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Guys, calm a bit down with the wishes, DT is a handfull of good guys with the intention to keep il2 1946 alive.

And they have a plan...

I`m a developer too, for a different flightsim and all i hate is, when you present a new "product" Some in the crowd start to whine for "more" stuff, and different stuff...

So expect you come home with a good result in an exam, and your parents **** you up, why aren`t you better in this or that, or want more and better results...
It will stop your motivation and you will start to think "F*ck you!"

Thats not what DT is thinking, but lets keep the wishes low and the motivation for the Devs high! Thats all you should do, be thankfull for their free time they are investing into this project!
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