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Well knowing what we have to look forwards to in the future: the Channel Map, the D.520, the He-177 Greif, The Ju 52, the C47 and variants and possibly some more BoB related aircraft like the Spitfire Mk.I or Mk.IB and maybe more, the wait for the next update will be both exciting and restless hahaha

I especially look forward to the D.520 for many years! Always hoped it would be added! And the Channel Map of course!

Well TD, you guys are IL-2 1946 heroes in my book! You do amazing work! And I can only tell you that I love 4.13.3m! The Beutepanzers and the French tanks were both appreciated and needed! And the Bf-110's are my new love interests in the game haha! And the U2 is preddty darn cool and fun to play around with!

If 4.13.4 or 4.14 will be the next update, or what ever it will be called, I know it will be worth the wait! Two weeks, right guys?
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