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Originally Posted by 310thDiablo View Post
I would love to see the 50 cal loadout to be API-api-api-api-apit
Player-controllable ammo loadouts would the be ideal solution, and might be possible given the game's limits.

Even better would be custom loadouts with options for historically realistic loadouts which either prevents the player from using custom loadouts, limits custom loadouts below a certain rank in the campaign, and/or limits availability of certain types of ammo which were historically in short supply (e.g., minengeschoss).

Loadouts could and did vary depending on local supply conditions, tactical doctrine, and intended mission.

For example, some squadrons (and air forces) only used tracer at the end of ammo belts to indicate that the shooter was low on ammo (this was quickly determined to be a bad idea, since it also told the enemy you were low on ammo). Other squadrons discarded tracer ammo altogether and just used a mixture of API and AP.

Another thing that needs to be added is the option of plain "ball" ammo for MG. That is, no HE, AP, API, Incendiary, or Tracer effects. This ammo was often used by AAA MG which also doubled as anti-personnel weapons, and occasionally by air units which were low on supply or which primarily were hunting unarmored ground targets.
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