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Default English Ports/Updates

Hi everyone! I just picked up Warriors of the North, and was sad to see the spamm's mods hadn't yet been properly ported/updated for the latest version of the English game. Since I ended up creating the English ports for the Crossworlds/Armored Princess mods way back when, I figured I might as well give these a shot, as well.

I normally like to play through the game once before I go in depth with mods (both to avoid spoilers while reading game source files and to have a save game with everything available to test with), so I'm only releasing a couple ports for now.

I've attached the English versions of the following mods: (I decided to try to keep the names similar to spamm's for the sake of convenience.)
  • Camera: Unchanged from the Russian version, other than the English readme.
  • Radar on Higher Difficulty: Minor updates from the Russian version to bring it up to speed with the latest patches.
  • Limited Interface Mod: As of v2, this removes the 1C intro video, and provides improved combat, skill, and medal tooltips. The code surrounding the spell tooltips has been patched heavily by 1C since spamm released his original mod, so I'm having difficulty porting over that portion of the mod.
All of these mods are for the English v1.3.1 Build 6250. I'm testing them on the Steam version, but it shouldn't make a difference for this type of mod, anyway.

Let me know if you run into any issues, since I haven't tested these thoroughly. I don't have a lot of time to work on these, but I'll try to publish fixes/updates where relevant.

UPDATE: Interface mod updated to v2. Make sure to delete the original "mod_wn131_eng_interface_limited.kfs" from your addons folder if you installed, since I changed the filename.
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