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Thanks for the link! Lots of useful information in one place

As for crystals I have about 80 crystals, most of needed spells already max upgraded and I have visited only half of islands.
(there will be a lot of artifacts to destroy and crystals to find or get for quests)
I invested in alchemy 3 level long time ago to not worry about crystals

I am only waiting to get armageddon, divine armor and dragon slayer.
I have no time-back in my gameplay.

As for fighting dragons I thought that I will wait until I switch to Black Knights+Armageddon strategy. That should do

I will not invest in geyser or death star as I will spend my mana on Armageddon and Evlin casting.

PS. I am looking for info about having BK with unlimited retaliation. It is related with Moro Dark companion?
If I get him, what should I do to make him give such bonus for BK?

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