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Hello all and Sir Oleg.

It's great to finally have another opportunity to talk to the big man himself. Obviously in first order are the thanks for the great game IL2 turned out to be and my deepest admiration for Oleg and all his development team.

I have a couple (and by a couple I mean three because I suck at math) of questions. I hope they haven't been answered or asked anywhere else (I looked but not too hard):

-Will there be an in-game multiplayer session browser and chat room? It'd be pretty cool in my opinion to be able to fly a couple of quick missions and then just fire up the multiplayer without having to go out of the game and launching another application. Nothing against Hyperlobby, I love it, but how awesome would it be if you could have Hyperlobby support from within the game itself? Or some sort of other game browser.

-Following in the same vein, has there ever been plans or an idea to have a centralized skins server? It'd be pretty cool that when you show up in a game with a custom skin, it automatically gets uploaded to that server instead of the game hosting server, and when you join a new game you download all the skins from such server to prevent lagging and skipping on the game hosting server; it could be part of the loading process before you actually enter the game itself to have your skins sync up with the centralized skins server according to the skins being used in the game you're trying to join.

-Lastly, have I ever flown with you online? heh