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Originally Posted by Blood_Splat
Will ground objects such as vehicles require more of an eye to spot? In IL2 it's like you have eagle eyes from high altitude.
Funny, I don't find ground objects are easy to spot, especially not the static ones. Perhaps this is also dependent on display resolution and related to the famous "dot" discussion?

Anyway, something similar: I think IL2 proved that the method of having lower LODs that are larger than the higher LODs isn't very future-proof. Try fllying towards a Stuka from a distance with a screen resolution > 800x600 and you know what I mean.

In general, I'm not afraid Oleg will let us down when it comes to the visuals (in particular low-level terrain). Yesterday I did a few flights in fs9 and BoBII and I was very glad to get back into IL2 with it's great scenery!