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Originally Posted by dan4815 View Post
I was confirmed by Czech retailers that expansion was postponed, but that comes out. The Russian forums, I saw information that is being done already to the next repair and further expansion, which should come out in November (the year after the first expansion). Then everything will be also included in the Gold version for the English version. But it's just speculation. Problem 1C is on the side, not the developers.
As of now, there is no ad-ons, or patches due for the English version. Please do not speculate, or quote things that are NOT officially stated by 1C/Softlabs. Your only adding to the confusion, and given false hope. Most of this is rumor control, and I’m here to stop this.

Please don’t post these adds, or rumors there of. We all want official confirmation. Not Wiki, Czech sites, Polish sites, etc. It must come from 1C/Soflabs officially. Don’t make me start deleting these false reports.

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