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Originally Posted by Music View Post
The Russians have such hard design types, no sense of grace, even the il-2's in the back ground screen shot, (in_case you have never seen a il-2 ), the LaGG's, and the Mig's till that one from 42', functional, but almost intentionally devoid of any feminine lines.
I think that's more design choices by Antonov and his disciples, as well as the tendency for 1930's aircraft designers to create aircraft which look like railroad cars. IMO, the Yak-1 -3, -7, -9, series (first designed 1939, flew 1940) are some of the most graceful-looking aircraft of the period.

Anyhow, I'm just happy for more content, especially because it will feature some of the war's forgotten, unglamorous "ugly ducklings".
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